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Guitar Lessons in Watford & Hertfordshire​

Beginner Guitar Lessons Watford

If you’ve never touched a guitar before or would just like more information on whether it would be the right instrument for you to learn then here at Groove Music we are here to help you through that process. We’ve helped hundreds of musical students across Watford and Hertfordshire of all ages grow their dream of learning the guitar or many other instruments. Our beginner guitar lessons in Watford are aimed at developing your confidence and enjoyment of playing a brand new instrument and to give you the skills to either carry on learning one to one with one of our guitar teachers, develop the skills to play and teach yourself or build your confidence and ability to join one of our group courses which we run throughout the year for all different guitar playing ability levels.

Private Guitar Lessons Watford

The best way to develop your skills or to get you off the ground learning the guitar are with a private guitar lesson from one of our fun and encouraging guitar teachers. These usually take place at your home and can be in 30 or 60 minute blocks depending on how much you’d like to learn and what would work best for your guitar lesson experience. We offer private guitar lessons in the Watford and local Hertfordshire area and have a range of times available to suit. We provide all the tuition tools of music sheets and teach you how to read tab which is the most common form of musical notation for guitar players, we can also help with guitar hire for your first few lessons if you don’t have a guitar yet or are trying to find what is right for you. Learning with friends can also be a great way of playing and learning the guitar so tag up with a buddy or sibling for private lessons to encourage each other on and help cut the cost of lessons.

Adult Guitar Lessons Watford

Some people worry about being an adult and learning the guitar or even touching up and picking it up again after years of it gathering dust and being sat in a corner. However we find being an adult you are more keen to learn and enjoy the experience so can progress through the guitar learning lessons alot quicker picking up new skills, tricks and abilities you previously thought were hard or un-obtainable. Your first guitar lesson will be about seeing where you are at the moment and building your core knowledge and confidence so if you have the free time out of lessons you can practice by yourself helping to further progress your skills. Moving on we recommend weekly or bi weekly lessons depending on how much private practice time you get then once you feel comfortable enough trying out one of our group classes.

Childrens Guitar Lessons Watford

Youngsters love to play the guitar and enjoy the experience of being able to create music especially when they can strum themes to their favourite movies or top tracks. We teach childrens guitar lessons in a fun and enjoyable environment where they can progress learning at a speed that suits them and in a way they find encouraging. We usually arrange childrens guitar lessons in Watford at your home so they can be after school or at weekends on a weekly time and day that suits your family schedule. To begin we will arrange a free of charge consultation to see what works best for your children and yourself. All learning materials to get them off the ground learning the guitar will be provided and we can also help guide you with a suitable beginners children guitar and have loan guitars depending on availability. Depending on skill levels childrens lessons can also be done in pairs with a friend or sibling to further encourage them to practice in their own time which will greatly speed up their guitar lesson progression.

Group Guitar Lessons Watford

For anyone that has played the guitar before or has had a few basic lessons our weekly group guitar lessons in Watford can be a great way to jam out with fellow guitar players and progress your skills in a friendly group learning environment. We have a range of groups available with spaces for all abilities from beginners to intermediate and regular players. Our group lessons take place on a weekly basis and are a great place to meet fellow players and support eachother mastering new skills and techniques, no-one is left behind and we help everyone no matter what level you are at. Lessons can be paid for on a termly basis or as a pay as you go and come when suits basis. Come along to your first group class free of charge and meet some fellow players and start jamming with us! 
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Guitar Lessons Watford