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Bass Guitar Lessons in Watford & Hertfordshire

Private Bass Guitar Lessons Watford

Our adult bass guitar lessons structure is very similar to our guitar lessons just with a different instrument. The only difference is the traditional outcomes and flow you are trying to achieve with a lead guitar are for main song portions where as the bass usually provides a supporting role which some people prefer or even just prefer the sound of.  We offer private bass guitar lessons in Watford and the Hertfordshire area and have a range of times slots to suit throughout the day. Our instructors will bring all the tuition materials so you just have to put the time in and enjoy the lessons. If you’d rather learn with friends this can also be accommodated for, just let us know and we can setup group lessons

Adult Bass Guitar Lessons Watford

If you’ve already played the guitar and would like support switching to the bass guitar or haven’t ever touched one before but it’s your dream to learn how to play then we can help. When you’re an adult you are more keen to learn the instrument and enjoy the experience so  you can progress through the bass lessons quicker picking up new skills, tricks and abilities. When we do your first bass lesson it will be about seeing where your skill set currently stands and building your core knowledge about the instrument and how to play it then build your confidence so you can practice by yourself helping to further progress playing the bass. Once you are at a stage of being able to teach songs to yourself we’d recommend weekly or bi weekly lessons then trying out one of our group classes.

Childrens Bass Guitar Lessons Watford

A child may find they prefer the layout and practice of a bass guitar with most bass guitars being only 4 strings which can simplify the learning progress. We provide bass guitar lessons for children in a fun and enjoyable way that can be during their free time in the week or at weekends at a weekly time and day that suits your schedule. To see whether your child prefers bass or lead guitar we will arrange a free of charge consultation to see what works best for your child then how to progress the lessons. Childrens bass guitar lessons can also be done in pairs with a friend to help them encourage eachother which will greatly speed up their progress if they put in the practice time.

Group Bass Guitar Lessons Watford

Any bass guitar players can join in at our weekly Guitar group lessons in Watford providing a great bass input. It is a great way to jam out with fellow lead and bass guitar players and progress your skills in a friendly environment. We have a range of groups available with spaces for all abilities from beginners, intermediate to pro. Our group jam sessions and lessons happen every week and are a great place to meet fellow players. Come along to your first group session free of charge to meet us and start jamming!

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Bass Guitar Lessons Watford