Band Sessions Watford

Band Sessions in Watford & Hertfordshire

Adult Jam Sessions Watford

Our Adult Jam Sessions in Watford provide a relaxed environment for musicians of differing abilities to play together on various instruments. Set in a band environment, a groove music coach will guide the participant through well known songs and improvised jams looking to help develop techniques and encourage collaboration.

If you are looking to play your instrument in a fun and social atmosphere or perhaps looking to return to music after time away these sessions are perfect for you. Beginners are encouraged to take a few private lessons with a view to joining the group at their own pace. Our band sessions are located in our Watford Band Studio with a range of professional in house audio and band equipment.

In addition to the in-person sessions, we also provide a facebook group and encourage participants to collaborate, meet other musicians and attend events. 

Ages 15-17 Band Sessions Watford

Our Band Sessions for older Teens are tailored to the students needs on their own instruments, in a band setting. The students are encouraged to perform and collaborate together as well as develop individually on their own instruments. The class structure is designed to develop the student’s musicianship whilst also learning about the overall sound, timing and collaboration required in a band. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to experience a band setting, build confidence and have fun. Come along and join our teen band sessions in Watford, simply give us a call or email and we’ll get you booked in to have a taster of the fun you can have.

Ages 11-14 Band Sessions Watford

Our Band Sessions for 11 to 14 year olds introduce students to performing and playing together as key elements of their development. They will learn skills on their chosen instrument but also how to collaborate and play in a band setting. They will also learn about rhythm, melody and wider musical concepts as well as have fun.

In addition to the in-person sessions, students will also be provided practice videos and encouraged to perform at organised events such as our annual summer concert in Watford.

Beginner Band Sessions Watford

If you’ve just begun playing and aren’t too sure about the band environment and want to learn with other beginners then you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of ability players so you can support each other in the growth on your musical journey and also more experienced players who mentor you to up your skills at a comfortable pace whilst being able to play parts of backing of songs that are at your skillset and you feel comfortable with. Our beginner band sessions in Watford are perfect for those just starting out with a few lessons under their belt who want to learn in a group environment.

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Band Sessions Watford