11 plus music aptitude test

Groove Music MAT Course

NEW COURSE - 11+ MAT Preparation!

Here at Groove Music we are always on the look out for new ways to support students and we are proud to offer this new course aimed at preparing students intending to take the 11+ Music Aptitude Test (MAT).

The Music Aptitude Test (MAT) evaluates a student’s overall aptitude in music and is a part of the 11+ secondary transfer process which is used by South West Herts consortium of schools as well as other selected schools across London and the UK.

Our Groove Music MAT training course provides clarity for students on what to expect during the test, with the aim of making them feel more prepared and confident. It also helps them unlock and understand their own musical potential.

The course content includes a step by step audio guide of how to understand and complete the test. It offers specific instruction of how to practice and develop ability to pass the MAT test. We introduce the test in a simple and understandable way, helping students surpass the level required to pass the exam and further their knowledge of the topics at hand. We provide a series of six sets of practice tests, each covering all 4 of the core MAT topics (i.e. pitch, melody, texture and rhythm). These tests gradually increase in difficulty to incrementally prepare the student and can be repeated multiple times in order to fully prepare the student for the MAT test.

Please note that this is an audio course (MP3 & WAV files) with practice test worksheets provided. It has been specifically designed to be played on speakers or headphones (ie NOT a just on a mobile phone). 

Please email groovemusicwatford@gmail.com to purchase or find out more about this audio course.